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Environmental Impact Studies

Every land use has an impact on the environment. An Environmental Impact Study determines the impacts and calculates their intensity.

Not all impacts are negative, however almost all land uses do have some degree of negative impact, at least in someone's mind.

John F Yuhas has the expertise to determine those impacts, measure their intensity, ascertain whether they are positive or negative. If negative, we recommend ways to eliminate or mitigate those impacts.

Usually every design project we submit for review, but especially golf course designs, require that at least a State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) document be completed and submitted with the project as a formal part of the application. If wetlands or protected waterways are involved, applications and notices of intent (NOI's) must be filed with Environmental Conservation Depts. and the Army Corps of Engineers. Environmental Impact Studies must be done to complete these documents.

John F Yuhas is also capable of doing, and has done many, Wetland Delineations, Evaluations, Studies, and Reports that meet New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation and/or U. S. Army Corps of Engineers guidelines.

We are now able to show any site as a Digital Terrain Model (DTM), which shows true grades and elevations, and all features of the site in a realistic 3-D context. An example of a DTM for a golf course J. F. Yuhas designed, see the Golf Course Architecture page.




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