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Photos below were taken during construction, and after project

completion, on the John Francis Yuhas designed

Millstone Golf Course.

Before and after photos of work. Thumbnails are provided to speed loading of this page. Click on thumbnails to see larger photos.


View to # 11 green from # 10 fairway during construction. Wet area in front of green will be newly created wetland area. Because of alteration to 1.6 acres,  we created over 3 acres of new wetland.

View from green # 11 to clubhouse across one of new wetland areas. The # 11 fairway is a finger through two wetland areas that we newly created on this 160-plus acre site. Fairway # 11 is a dogleg right, par-5, and 530 yards from the back tee.


View along Par-5, 555-yd fairway # 12, south across Skaneateles Creek, during major construction.

2nd view along Par-5, 555-yd fairway # 12 south across Skaneateles Creek. Work is completed. Tees are on this side of creek, and green at far extreme of fairway. The creek is visible from all three elevated tees, and you must clear the creek with your drive from any of the tee stations.



Commencement of construction on pond.



Island green in distance, and peninsula tees in foreground, beginning to take shape on # 18 fairway.

Completed # 18 island green in distance, and peninsula tees to right, as viewed from fairway # 1. This is a par-3, with tee stations at 185, 135, and 95 yards, all shots being across water.



View down fairway # 6 as it looked before construction start.

View down fairway # 6 as it looks now, with green in distance, and tee stations in foreground. This hole is a par-3, with tee stations at 125, 115, and 95 yards. From the back tee to green surface, there is a 100 foot vertical drop. It will be mind-boggling to play as the only thing that can be seen from any of the tiered tee stations is the green. None of the fairway is visible from the tees.

View down fairway # 6 as it looked about midway through construction work.



Fairway #2, 390-yd par 4, dogleg right, tee to green view, as completed.

Fairway #3, 250-yd, par 3, downhill tee to green view, as completed. Tees are sculpted into drumlin top.




Fairway #4, 635-yd downhill par 5, dogleg left, tee to breakpoint view, as completed. The view to the countryside is breathtaking from the drumlin-top tees. And the generous green (out of view to left) sits adjacent to Skaneateles Creek.

Fairway #5, 335-yd uphill par 4, tees to green view, as completed. Elevated green is in photo upper center.


#13 green as completed. It sits adjacent to Skaneateles Creek, which is viewable from green. Fairway #13 is a par 3, with tee stations from 175 to 125 yards.


Fairway #14, 325-yd gentle downhill par 4, tees to green view, as completed. Green is in photo center right, across Skaneateles Creek from tees. Note bridge across creek to photo center left.


Fairway #15, 375-yd gentle uphill par 4, green to breakpoint view, as completed. Green has been recently finished and seeded, and is tan area in photo. First half of fairway, to breakpoint, parallels Skaneateles Creek. Note small pond on inside corner of dogleg. That pond is hidden from the tees, and was Shaun Brunell's idea, not mine. It is a tricky corner, but the pond helps manage drainage, as well as provide a nice aesthetic touch.

View from completed #10 tees, which sit on top of impoundment for large pond. Fairway # 10 is a 520-yd par 5 dogleg left, with green adjacent to Rt 5. This photo shows view from tees, across pond to clubhouse. Note the millstone, which is typical of every tee on the course.

Here is the finished course.

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